Back-To-School 2023 is Here!
We're Excited to Share Many Amazing Kiddom
Updates for The New Year!


Kiddom Classroom Updates

Increase Student Engagement 
With A Collection of 17 Math Manipulatives

Algebra Tiles


Place Value Disks

XY Coordinate Boards

Pattern Blocks

Two-Color Counters

Number Lines

Linking Cubes

Hundred Board


Fraction Tiles

Fraction Circles

Cuisenaire Rods

Color Tiles


Base Ten Blocks


Interactive Graphing Tools
for Grades 6-12

On and Off Screen Learning with Optimized Printings

Print activities and assessments with the following question types: 

  • Written Response

  • Multiple Choice

  • Multiple Select

  • Short Answer

  • Prefilled Answer

  • Drawing

Kiddom Leader Updates
Available with Select Packages

Math tools are embedded within curricula at point-of-use and can be added to customized questions

Expanded Levels of Insight With School and District Reporting

Develop Custom Curriculum For Your District

Curriculum management allows schools and districts to edit and publish 
their own versions Kiddom's provided curricula.

  • Layered support for English Learners
  • Additional scaffolding for striving students
  • Alignment of goals to district initiatives
  • Tagging of activities with supplemental standards, such as SEL and STEM

Assignment View allows administrators to analyze student performance at the district, school, classroom, and individual student levels.

Administrator Usage Reports provide information on teacher and student activity allowing for measurement of curriculum implementation.

Easily assign editing rights at the school and district levels.

Classroom Materials

Does your school or district need access to curriculum management or administrator reporting? Let us know! 

Back to School with Kiddom Guide - For Teachers

Back to School with Kiddom Guide - For Admins & Leaders

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Getting Started with Kiddom Webinar

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Resource Center

Digital Citizenship Classroom Poster

Math Reference Sheet Classroom Poster

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Bookmark with Prompts for Understanding

Icebreaker Questions for the New School Year