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The Perfect Fit For Your Lessons & Students

Host virtual classroom sessions 1:1 or in groups via audio, video, and screen sharing.

Build and share interactive lessons & assignments students can access from their laptop or phone.

Mass-assign projects and automatically generate documents for each student.

Allow for student-centered discussion with class group chats. Share lesson materials and instructions in just a few clicks.

Simple Grading & Real-Time Assignment Data

Digital question types that allow for automatic grading and quick feedback.

Record audio/video instructions and feedback without having to leave the platform.

Easily log in and check performance reports by student and class.

Grade assignments with rubrics that students can see. More data than the simple letter grades.

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Why Choose Kiddom?

When we first got introduced to Kiddom, I was so elated. It gives students the ability to use their digital native skills—something that is sometimes foreign to me, is an afterthought for them. Kiddom is change in education; it’s helping us ensure that students are prepared for the 21st century.

Katie Richer 
Math & Science Teacher @ ECO

Take your science curricula to the next level with Kiddom.

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Kiddom is trusted by schools and districts of all sizes

Kiddom's digital curriculum management suite makes your curriculum, truly yours.
Adjust to meet standards or student needs and distribute with a click.

Make High-Quality Science Curricula Your Own

Research-based presentations created by Kiddom's instructional designers, auto-grading, and improved workflows to save time and ensure that standards are mastered.

Save teachers time

Identify and Measure Impact

Comprehensive in-platform reporting and analytics help educators identify gaps in learning and remedy them before students fall behind.  

Phenomena-based science curricula
OpenSciEd Texas 6-8 and OpenStax Texas 9-12, powered by Kiddom, are 100% TEKS-aligned and provide inquiry-based, engaging learning experiences for your students with powerful technology. 

High-Quality Science Curricula for Secondary Students

  • Storyline approach to elicit critical thinking and problem solving
  • Students learn by doing
  • Builds a collaborative classroom community

Middle School Science 6-8

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology

  • Backed by Rice University
  • Resources for every learner
  • Crafted by knowledge leaders & classroom practitioners

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